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Did you know...

Did you know that cooler air intake can dramatically improve your vehicle's performance? Studies have shown that a functioning cowl hood reduces the IAT (intake air temperature) which can improve your vehicle's performance. Temperature reduction can range anywhere from between 2-3° at a standstill, to 7-11° while in motion (depending on speed).

Cowl hoods work on the principal of low pressure systems. A functioning cowl hood has a reversed "scoop" where the slant begins at the nose and gets taller towards the windshield. At the back of this scoop there will be exhaust vents to allow the hot air from under the hood to escape. As your vehicle moves, the slant combined with the vents creates a low pressure system which literally sucks the heated air out of your engine compartment!



Partnered with the Best


We have partnered with the best custom fiberglass fabricator to give you exceptional quality.

We only use Prototype Concepts, Inc for the fabrication of our design.

Prototype Concepts, Inc has been involved in fabrication, design, tooling, manufacturing, and consulting to several different sectors. Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Entertainment industries are a few main categories with whom they have been associated. Fiberglass, Composite, and Polyurethane Molding has been an integral part of their business since inception.

Some companies choose to outsource manufacturing to the lowest bidders. We believe that each hood should be fabricated by the same manufacturer so as to provide the same exceptional quality results and so that each product will be held to the same high standards as the first.