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Scott’s Fiberglass Front Spoiler (White Gelcoat)


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Fiberglass front spoiler finished in a white gel coat. Painting to match your vehicle is required.

FedEx has increased the cost of shipping for this spoiler from around $75 to over $200, so I had to raise the price of the shipping on my spoiler. I’m going to try to get them shipped for $100, so for now the shipping will only be $100. But, if you order the spoiler with a hood, then I can ship them together in the same box and you won’t be charged the shipping cost of the spoiler. You’ll only be charged the cost of the shipping for the hood.



When your part arrives, it should be inspected by you or the person who is receiving your part for any damage before the part is signed for. I can’t be there to inspect it for you, so this is your responsibility.

Prior to signing delivery paperwork please inspect product for damages. Any sign of damage to packaging please notate on the delivery paperwork what is wrong with the packaging and add, “product subject to further inspection.” If it is apparent that your part is damaged, then it’s best if you refuse the part. If there is visible product damage and you except the part, then please notate the damage details on the delivery paperwork to help assist with carrier claim. And please take plenty of pictures of the box and the damage. If you’re not sure if the part is damaged, then it’s best to write on the delivery paperwork that there could be some concealed damage, that can’t be seen until the box is opened up.

I want you to receive your part in perfect condition, but freight companies damage freight every day and you need to inspect your part to protect yourself.

I have freight insurance on all my parts and if your part is damaged, I’ll do all that I can to get your part replaced, but it’s still your responsibility to do your part when your part arrives.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 8 in


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